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Frequently Asked Questions about Violines de San Juan:

Violines de San Juan offers an extended and diverse variety of instrumentation tailored to any event in the Caribbean. We are based in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and we extend service to all Municipalities. Violines de San Juan takes great pride in our professionalism and ability to make your special occasion an unforgettable experience. Violines de San Juan is made up of the finest, most accomplished musicians in Puerto Rico who have music as a profession and not as a sideline.

Violines de San Juan offers a streamline booking process to ensure an exceptional musical experience for your special occasion. Violines de San Juan shares as much of a genuine passion and aesthetic for Weddings and other events as we do for Music. Feel free to fill our Contact Form and request a FREE consultation. 

Violines de San Juan has served Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with musical performance excellence since 1995 . Our booking process is easy and streamlined. We are technologically savvy with quick and easy online transactions. Our extensive music repertoire (largest in the Caribbean) is extremely organized and customized for all events. Violines de San Juan works with every detail including sound and top performance quality to make your special occasion an unforgettable experience.  

Yes we do! Please fill out Violines de San Juan Contact Form for a quote. [CONTACT FORM] 

Easy! Please refer to Violines de San Juan Contact Form which will include general details from your event (type of event, date, time, venue) and once available, we will contact you with our rate options or a specific quote. If in need of assistance, feel free to call directly. Upon agreement, Violines de San Juan will draw up a custom proposal/contract for you to fill out and sign. After receiving the signed contract, the date and time for your event will be put on hold. Once we receive a 50% deposit*, your date and time will be officially reserved and scheduled. 

*Remaining balance will be due before event date or when Violines de San Juan concludes your event service. 

If Overtime is requested, ASK DAN 

Absolutely! Violines de San Juan would love to provide FREE consultation by phone, email or Skype session and discuss in details your big event. Please remember to fill out the [CONTACT FORM] or if in need of assistance, feel free to call directly to schedule a meeting/consultation. 

In special circumstances, Violines de San Juan can provide full PA system and sound engineer for an additional cost if venue/client does not provides one. 

Rates include travel, processing and service fees. 

Violines de San Juan consists of musical flexible instrumentation. Our signature offering is Strolling for the delight and participation of all guests during event, table activities or cocktail.  

Suggested Ensemble: 
Violines Extravaganza ***Our Top requested Wedding/Event Package***
Violin, Accordion, Double Bass or Violoncello 
String Quartet (2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello) 
Full Orchestra 

*Available instrumentation: Violin ~ Viola ~ Violoncello ~ Double Bass ~ Accordion ~ Flute ~ Saxophone ~ Trumpet ~ Piano ~ Guitar ~ Harp and more!

Violines de San Juan accepts the following payment methods: Online payment or PayPal, Check, Money Order. 

Yes we will! Violines de San Juan have professional singers and organists as part of the Team. We have often performed with vocalists and organists previously selected by clients for wedding ceremonies. We arrive early the day of the ceremony to rehearse with the musicians performing. All repertoire must be selected in advance. 

Yes we can! However, it might be unnecessary and suggests an additional fee for the time required. Violines de San Juan exposure to  numerous events, venues and varied denomination ceremonies makes all clients confident while we are while being accessible to Event Coordinators. 

Violines de San Juan wears formal dress attire for every event. Commonly as a symphonic concert, gentlemen wear tuxedos and ladies wear black or black and white (unless you would like to make a special request). 

Deposits are nonrefundable. 

Cancellation with at least 2 months or more prior to event will qualify for a 50% deposit credit towards a new Violines de San Juan musical service agreement of equal or higher value. 

Violines de San Juan will always do our best to accommodate last minute changes should they arise as long as they are within the confines of our contract. A new contract may be required if changes are significant. 

We arrive, set up, and are ready to play in no less than 20 minutes before our agreed start time. This does not count towards the time reserved for playing. 

Enough space for each seated musician and their own music stand is all we need.

Yes, we specialize in Music events such as Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Reception/Cocktail, Serenade, Dinner, Corporate Event, Concert, Funeral/Visitation, Anniversaries, Showers, Educational Experience and more! 

We can play practically anything! Our playlist is constantly growing as we keep up with the latest trends in music. Please contact us for our most updated, comprehensive list! 

Yes we do! Destination Weddings or other events in the Caribbean suggests enjoying the Tropical weather and we are used to it. We prefer not to be exposed for a prolonged period of time to direct sunlight. 

Violines de San Juan typically receive bookings 3 to 8 months in advance. However, we will always try to accommodate even the most last minute requests. Our schedules fill up quickly being referred by Top Wedding or Events Coordinators. Please complete Violines de San Juan Contact form for availability at your earliest convenience especially if your date and event details are confirmed.  

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